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Sign Criteria LLC is a signage consulting and design firm serving the United States.We focus on connecting world-class brand designers with expert sign builders to save our clients time and produce extraordinary signs.Oklahoma City, OK 🇺🇸
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Sign Buyers Resource GroupThis is our private group of sign professionals on LinkedIn.We host over 4,000 sign-related vendors worldwide, ensuring Sign Criteria™ customers direct access to the latest options at more direct prices.

Sign Criteria™ on Social MediaIn Oklahoma City, we offer small business signs through OKC Decals, Metro Yard Signs, and Stage Logos for music artists. No matter where you start, all roads lead to Sign Criteria™.

Sign Criteria Services

We work in a variety of capacities from front-end sales and sign design to sign criteria and product specifications for a range of customers and clients.

Sales Support

Sign Criteria™ provides front-end sales support for national sign companies working on bids and projects in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. We provide the initial site surveys, photography, artwork, permits, and customer meetings necessary to qualify and estimate sign projects in Oklahoma City.

Signage & Graphic Design

Sign Criteria™ works with brand designers to bring logos to life in the real world. In addition to exploring materials and methods, we help expand single icons and logotype into comprehensive wayfinding and property branding programs.

Sign Criteria Development

As our name implies, we help property developers establish functional sign criteria to meet the needs of retail tenants, corporate campuses, and others. In addition to wayfinding and property branding, we establish product standards for comparative bidding situations.

Product Specification

Sign Criteria works closely with property managers, brand designers, and architects to determine the most effective sign product specifications for all elements of a given project. This increases consistency concerning quotes and any future sign maintenance.

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